Bridge Funding During the Global Economic Crisis

Bridge Funding During the Global Economic Crisis

October 2010 – present



Complementary to the Community for All – Moldova Program, the Bridge Funding During the Global Economic Crisis project is aimed at preventing the negative impact of the global economic crisis on the social protection sector reforms in Moldova. The project is funded by Soros Foundation – Moldova(external website) from the George Soros Emergency Fund.

In addition to maintaining the community-based social care services developed by the local authorities with Keystone Moldova’s support (Community Homes, Supported Living Services, Mobile Teams, Support Teachers, Personal Assistants), the project helps 136 children and young adults with disabilities move from the Orhei residential institutions to their families and community services. Keystone Moldova supports the families that deinstitutionalize their children and adults and builds or develops houses for children and adults who do not have family. To prevent the institutionalization of other children into the institutions, Keystone Moldova supports the development of Mobile Teams and Respite Services in other rayons.

In addition, this initiative assists people at risk of financial difficulties during the economic crisis. As community-based services are implemented and sustained, 200-250 new jobs will be created.

As the Community for All-Moldova program continues through the global economic crisis, we move closer to an inclusive society in which children and adults are accepted into the community and receive the supports they need to be fully participating members.

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