Social Entrepreneurship

At Keystone Moldova, we offer services and support to persons with disabilities.


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Services Provision
Consulting Services

Service Provisions

Keystone Moldova offers the following paid services:

  • Training;
  • Consultancy services;
  • Support services for children with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Financial resources obtained as a result of provision of the above mentioned services are used for development and maintenance of community based social services for persons with intellectual disabilities (community homes and supported living services), as well as for ensuring the sustainability of the organization.


The purpose of the trainings is to strengthen the capacities of public and private social care services providers, as well as social services staff in the fields of social inclusion of people with disabilities and creation/ delivering of qualitative social services.

Keystone Moldova is delivering the trainings according to the following programs:

• Personal Assistant;
• Foster care;
• Shared Living;
• Mobile Team;
• Respite;
• Community Home;
• Supported Living;
• Social role valorization;
• Person centered planning;
• Challenging behaviors: diagnosis, intervention plan, personal support;
• Advocacy and self-advocacy;
• New technologies and tools to prevent and combat discrimination ( social theatre forum, story-telling, selffilming, photo-voice etc.);
• Other trainings programs in the field of social inclusion of persons with disabilities.

The trainings are intended for public administration employees, non-governmental organizations as well as and other organizations, institutions, and stakeholders interested in the above mentioned topics.

A training budget, curriculum, and training program can be requested at: [email protected].

Consulting Services

Keystone Moldova provides consulting services in the following areas:

  • De-institutionalization and social inclusion;
  • Development of community and specialized social services;
  • Inclusive Education;
  • Development of legal and regulatory framework in the field of disability;
  • Provision of positive behavioral support for people with behavioral problems in social services;
  • Vocational training and employment of persons with intellectual disabilities;
  • Sociological researches in the field of vulnerability;
  • Community Mobilization and Strategic Planning;
  • EU projects writing and management;
  • Other consultancy services in accordance with Keystone Moldova directions of activities and trainings needs.


Keystone Moldova offers support services to children with intellectual disabilities and their families in the following areas:

  • Development of abilities for personal autonomy;
  • Reducing the challenging behaviors (assistance and support at home);
  • Development of relationship skills and social inclusion of children with intellectual disabilities (kindergarten, school);
  • Workshops for children with intellectual disabilities (small groups for 4-5 children);
  • Individual and group psychotherapy for families with children with intellectual disabilities;
  • Kineto-therapeutic rehabilitation (kinetic meeting, development of a rehabilitation plan, and strengthening the capacities of family to implement the plan);
  • Other types of services in function of needs.

Values that Guide Our Work

Learn more about the values and ideas that guide everything we do to promote social inclusion.