Community for All – Moldova

Community for All – Moldova

October 2008 – present

The Community for All – Moldova Program was created through the established partnership between Keystone Human Services International in the United States, the Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family, Open Society Foundations/Mental Health Initiatives, Soros Foundation – Moldova, and Keystone Moldova. The goal of this partnership was to support the reforms of the Government of the Republic of Moldova in the field of social protection of persons with disabilities.

The program focuses on transferring children and adults with severe mental disabilities from the Home for Children (Boys) with Mental Disabilities in Orhei back to their families or into the community-based services, developing the legal framework for newly developed services, and improving the environment for better social inclusion of persons with intellectual disabilities.

To move children and adults with disabilities out of the Orhei institution back to their families and communities, Keystone Moldova’s team supports the local authorities to evaluate the needs of children and adults and their families, map the existing social services in the community, develop new services to reflect beneficiaries’ needs, integrate children and adults with disabilities into typical community services (educational, medical, and social care services), and monitor the progress of beneficiaries. Community-based services developed by Keystone Moldova include Family Support Services, Supported Living, Community Homes, Foster Care, Shared Living, Mobile Teams, Support Teachers, and Personal Assistance.

To sustain these newly developed services, the Community for All – Moldova Program supports consultant services for the Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family for the development and improvement of the legal framework related to the social protection of persons with disabilities. The program also financially supports the development of the capacities of all stakeholders. To ensure the efficient implementation of the reforms in practice, Keystone Moldova organizes training for local and central governments, service providers, NGOs, and the implementation team.


  • Ministry of Social Protection, Family and Child
  • Ministry of Education
  • Open Society Foundations/Mental Health Initiative
  • Soros Foundation – Moldova
  • Rayon and local public administration
  • National and local NGOs

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