Training Center Keystone Moldova

Training Center Keystone Moldova

Keystone Moldova Training Center, launched on March 24, 2016, was developed as a social entrepreneurship activity with the support of Moldova-Soros Foundation. The profits from the Training Center activities is redirected to support community living of people with intellectual and psycho-social disabilities who have left residential institutions.

The Training Center provides qualitative services in organizing meetings, trainings, forums, conferences, etc. to interested organizations and individuals. The Training Center is located in a new building on the street Albişoara 42/1 (intersection with bd. Grigore Vieru), and has the following facilities: a) fully accessible space to people with physical disabilities; b) lego-style furniture with multiple choices for arranging the space; c) the latest video / audio technology; and d) the possibility for simultaneous translation with adapted cabins for translators.

Through its social mission, Keystone Moldova Training Center offers prospective customers the possibility to contribute directly to the improvement of lives of people with intellectual disabilities and their families! You can find more information regarding the Training Center on the Facebook Page

Contact Information

Albișoara 42/1 Street, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Tel./fax: +37322 85 69 62, 85 69 61, +373 68 522 933
E-mail: [email protected]