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The mission of Keystone Moldova is to promote and develop opportunities that will be in the form of consultant services, technical assistance, direct support service, best-practice training, and monetary and administrative supports to further the independence and social inclusion of people who are in need of service due to disabling conditions, situations of poverty, abandonment, institutionalization, and other adverse societal conditions throughout Moldova.

Promoting Inclusion Throughout Moldova

Founded in 2004 by Keystone Human Services International, Keystone Moldova aims for the social inclusion of individuals living in difficult social situations, including people with disabilities. Keystone Moldova is working to achieve this goal through the following objectives:

  • To contribute to the improvement of the legal and regulatory framework of the social protection system for vulnerable people, including people with disabilities;
  • To contribute to the reform of the social care system for people with disabilities through the promotion of deinstitutionalization and reintegration with families and community services;
  • To support the development of community-based social care services for people with disabilities and other people living in difficult social situations;
  • To encourage and support the pro-active participation of people with disabilities in political and social life of the Republic of Moldova,
  • To support the inclusion of people in difficult social situations, including people with disabilities, in mainstream community services, including schools, kindergartens, health services, and social services;
  • To contribute to the reduction of poverty of families living in difficult social situations, including people with disabilities, by promoting their employment,
  • To help change public attitudes toward people in difficult situations, including people with disabilities, and promote an environment of inclusion and equal opportunities for the development of all community members regardless of race, language, disability, sex, or age.

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We promote social inclusion, build sustainable community-based support systems, and advocate alongside people with disability.