Support for refugees

Medical support for refugees

Galina took refuge in our country from Ukraine. She needed quality medication for post-stroke rehabilitation. With the financial support of our donors, the doctor from Keystone Moldova offered Galina a complex treatment that significantly improved her health.

“People with total visual impairments are strong people” – the story of Alina from Odessa

The young woman took refuge in our country with her mother because of the war in Ukraine. Alina keeps her optimism and trust in the future; she is continuing her studies in jurisprudence online and is seeking a job in Moldova.

The Mobile Team for refugees provides support to people from Ukraine

Medicines are the most frequent type of support we provide to refugees with disabilities and chronic diseases from Ukraine. Every day, Keystone Moldova mobile team delivers essential medicines to refugees who need them.

“Medications for my son are very expensive” – the story of Natalia from Odessa

Medicines, medical consultations, hygiene packages, mattresses, food, medical devices… These are just some of the types of support that Keystone Moldova’s mobile team offers to refugees from Ukraine.

“I wish to return home” – Tatiana’s story

“Keystone Moldova brought us medicines. Since then they have been taking care and helping me and other people with various diseases. They were attentive to our needs.”

Support provided by Keystone Moldova’s Mobile Team for refugees

Tatiana is a young woman from Odesa who took refuge in our country together with her family.

The young woman continues her studies online and works as a waitress in a restaurant near the temporary placement center where she lives.

“How can we help you?” – Victoria’s story

“The support was primarily from a human perspective –‘How can we help you?’. Secondly, they told us that we can benefit from the delivery of medicines.”

Victoria took refuge in our country to be safe. Keystone Moldova gave him the support he needed.