I can work!

Work inclusion

Supported Living Orhei

4 young people with disabilities who were deinstitution-alized in 2010 now live in Supported Living in Orhei. They live in the community, and the people from Orhei know them by name and often call for their help. Vadim and Vitalie usually help people with work in their garden or household and are paid by the day. They are in great demand! Their help can be requested as often as 2 or 3 times per day by different people. Ion and Costea take care of the household – helping in the kitchen, cleaning in the house.

The young people have a small rabbit farm. They live close to the forest, and are able to take full advantage of its bounty. They have built a greenhouse and grow toma-toes, peppers, and cucumbers. They cook and can prepare festive dinners for their guests.

Supported Living Lăpușna

Two years ago, Ion and Mihai were able to leave an institution. Now they live in their own house (Supported Living service from Lăpușna, Hîncești) and have a small farm.

Living in the community, they have learned a lot of things: they take care of the animals, the gar-den, and their house. They have fowls, rabbits, and a small quail farm. They work in their garden, where they have planted corn, beans, tomatoes, and cucumbers – all the vegetables they need. Ion and Mihai are proud of their work. When they have guests, they invite them first to see the cellar, where they have home-made preserves, juice, pickles, jam and other items they will need for winter season.

Supported Living Oxentea

Arcadie and Ion are two young people who live in the Supported Living Service from Oxentea, Dubăsari. They like to work and they have a beautiful house and a small farm. They have goats, a greenhouse, a garden, and a cellar — everything they need! They even have flowers in front of their house. People from their village know them to be hard workers; they often ask Arcadie and Ion to help them, and then pay them for their work.

“Our greenhouse is the most beautiful greenhouse from the village”, says Arcadie. He and Ion were very in-volved building the greenhouse, and they are very proud. They grow there vegetables – tomatoes, cucumbers, pep-pers, and other vegetables.

“That’s how we have to live in the village”, says Ion. “Labor created man!” he declares proudly. He reports that he does all the needed work on their farm, so they have food in winter.

In summer, Arcadie works as cowherd and Ion takes care of the house and the farm.