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Work inclusion

Work inclusion

Community Home Fălești

Six young people with disabilities live in the Community Home from Fălești. They were deinstitutionalized from an institution in December 2013. Since then, they have grown and have learned to live in the community, to get along with their neighbors, and to communicate with their peers. Each of them has his role in the house and things he is responsible for.

They get bored pretty fast, says Oleg, the Service manager: “I always have to find something new for them to do, something interesting. Now we are building a shed and we are almost done. Together, we built a barn next to the house. They are inter-ested in everything that’s new.” Oleg is always trying to find something new and interesting for the young men.

Sașa does the housework – he likes to take care of the chickens and to help in the kitchen. Ion really enjoys working. He is very active and always finds something to do. Since he came in the house, the other guys are more organized. Artur likes to do detailed things, things that need a lot of attention and are new to him – otherwise he loses interest quickly. Serioja can clean his room and likes to work alongside some-one. Valeriu happily works if he can use water while working – he can wash things for hours. Tolea likes to collect all the papers from the floor or from the ground. Denis likes the remote; if he has a remote, he gets quiet and comfortable.