Program support for Keystone Moldova

Program support for Keystone Moldova

January 2022 – December 2023 

Amount granted: 990.600 SEK / 2.000.000 MDL

Donors: IM Swedish Development Partner

The project focuses on three strategic objectives of Keystone Moldova:

  • Ensuring Keystone Moldova financial autonomy;
  • Improve the organization’s management and governance;
  • Promoting the community living and social inclusion for people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups at local and national level.

Project objectives:

  • Advocate for a stable social contracting mechanism in Moldova which includes a modest retention;
  • Improve the accessibility of the office space, webpage for persons with visual and intellectual disabilities;
  • Continue to develop adequate Human Resources through training and education, along with partnering with institutions of higher education and other CSOs;
  • Mobilizing the communities and the target groups in advocacy and self-advocacy activities.

Main activities:

  1. Revision and improvement of training curricula and support courses and provision of trainings to public authorities, CSOs, parents and services staff;
  2. Adjust for the hotline service;
  3. Capacity building activities for Keystone Moldova staff  based on identified needs;
  4. Organizing team building activities, burnout activities, celebrating organization success activities;
  5. Development of a national network of self-advocates and advocates of persons with disabilities;
  6. Supporting grassroots organizations, persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups to provide recommendations for alternative reports, based on UN conventions ratified by the state, and participate in UN events;