Participation through advocacy and self-advocacy

Participation through advocacy and self-advocacy


252,145 USD / 1,024,711 MDL
Funded by The Swedish Organization for Individual Relief – SOIR Moldova

The project goal is to ensure inclusive participation of people with disabilities in society by empowering them, organizations, and groups of parents to be advocates and self-advocates.

The project has three major areas of activity:

1. Developing a national network of self-advocacy (persons with disabilities).
Keystone Moldova offers support to increase the abilities of persons with disabilities to promote, protect, and claim their own rights. Currently, Keystone Moldova provides assistance to six groups of self-advocates (in Taraclia, Ungheni, Fălești, Orhei, Călărași and Criuleni). The project groups build capacity and exchange experiences.
Self-advocates and support staff are continuously trained and involved in activities that develop public speaking skills and promote their activities through advocacy.
2. Developing a national platform of organizations and groups of parents.
Keystone Moldova organizes meetings with parents of people with disabilities to inform them about their rights and prepare them to carry out advocacy actions at the local and national level in order to solve the problems. So far, meetings with parents were held in 11 districts. Parents are informed about national and international legislation in the field of disability, community social services for people with disabilities and their families, planning and carrying out advocacy campaigns and initiatives, collaboration with LPA to improve the lives of these groups, etc.
3. Support CSOs active in the field of disability in promoting the rights of people with disabilities at the local and national level.
CSOs will be trained in accreditation and contracting social services for people with disabilities. In addition, Keystone Moldova will initiate an advocacy initiative to make functional the mechanism of contracting social services from private providers by public authorities.


  1. At least 80 persons with disabilities from Moldova are active members of the self-advocacy groups;
  2. At least 10 organizations and groups of parents have been assessed and receive support based on needs assessment;
  3. At least 166 people are trained in advocacy and self-advocacy (people with disabilities, their parents and their support staff, LPA representatives, support staff of self-advocacy groups).
  4. At least 5 people (3 people with disabilities and two support staff) participate in advocacy and self-advocacy events, organized at the European level.
Final Report:
Advocacy and Self-advocacy 2014–2017 (Rom)