“We didn’t expect to be greeted like this”

"We didn't expect to be greeted like this"

meals for refugees

In March and April, Keystone Moldova provided 2,800 meals for refugees accommodated in tents set up near Palanca customs. This was possible thanks to the financial support of Catholic Relief Services.

Hundreds of Ukrainian refugees enter the country every day through Palanca customs. Some of them decide to stay for a while in the tents set up near the border. In this context, Keystone Moldova offered three meals a day to refugees and staff who provide support in the tent village (employees of MIA, SMURD, ambulance, firefighters).

meals for refugees

  • “Thanks a lot! We didn’t expect you to greet us like this. The food is great!” (refugee).

  • “Many of the refugees have not had a decent meal in weeks. Portions of food are very necessary.” (staff member).

shelter for refugees

On average, 130 meals per day were provided. The people in charge of the tents announced the number of portions early in the morning and the meals were prepared on the same day. Thanks to the “Good Mama” catering service, the refugees received hot meals on time, three times a day, every day.

Providing refugees with hot meals remains a necessity. More and more women and their children from areas that have been directly involved in the war pass the Palanca customs. After an exhausting journey, after weeks spent in basements, a warm meal and a few hours of rest help them regain the strength to move on.