Hotline support service for people with disabilities 0 8001 0808

The toll-free hotline service for people with disabilities was created as a national support service to offer assistance to people with disabilities who need protection, support and information.

The Hotline service for persons with disabilities was launched in January 2017, within the project “Advancing and monitoring the rights of people with mental disabilities in neuro-psychiatric residential institutions”. This project was implemented by Keystone Moldova in partnership with European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities and The Alliance of Organizations for People with Disabilities, and financed by European Union (period of implementation: April 2016 – April 2019).

Starting with June 2019, Keystone Moldova manages the hotline service for persons with disabilities based on the contract signed with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection.

The Hotline service for persons with disabilities operates with the national toll-free number 080010808, accessible throughout Moldova. The hotline number is anonymous, free and confidential and can be accessed from any landline or mobile telephone.

The service offers:

  • On the phone informational assistance;
  • Phone counseling;
  • Multidisciplinary collaboration in order to solve the cases of rights violation;
  • Identification of suspected cases of rights violation of persons with disabilities and notification of the competent authorities and partner organizations;
  • Notifications of risk situations for life, safety and integrity of the persons with disabilities.
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