Know me! Respect me! Support me!

From April–July 2015, the social media campaign “Know me! Respect me! Support me!” raised awareness about people with disabilities and their role in society.


  • A photo exhibition was held in the public garden “Ștefan cel mare”; 41 photos from the December 2014 exhibition “World, the way I see it.” were exhibited.
  • 12 personal stories were shared by people with disabilities, using the Storytelling technique.
  • Photos of people who have been able to leave the institutions were exhibited, along with short explanations about them.
  • 5 short movies about life in the community were developed: 1) Social entrepreneurship activity EcoVox, 2) Small business developed in the Supported Living Service from Oxentea, 3) Shared Living Service, 4) Self-Advocacy Group, 5) Family Reintegration Service.
  • Film screenings were held in 6 communities, in partnership with self-advocacy groups from Criuleni, Fălești, Ungheni, Călărași, Peresecina, and Taraclia.

Home is better than an institution

Right of free choice


I like to work

I like to live in the family


This is Gheorghe. He lives in Supported Living Service in Călărași and has a job.

“I work a lot every day, but I manage to find time to relax. I enjoy relaxing along with my friends!”

Meet Eduard. He lives in the Supported Living Service in Fălești and he is a good housekeeper and neighbor. “I want to have my own house and a lot of land around it. I will raise corn, vegetables, and fruits. I also want to have garden tools. Each tool will have its own place.”

“I like to learn new things. Also, I like to sing. I think that the rooster sings the most beautifully. ” —Gheorghe, Foster Care service from Băcioi

“I like freedom. I like to be myself!” —Cristi, Community home Vo-loave.

“I live in the most beautiful village, in a family of hard-working people. I take care of all the animals from our household.” —Ion, Shared Living service, Telenești.

“When will we go on a trip?” —It’s the most asked question by Vasile (Supported Living from Fălești).

Trips are the activities that he likes the most, even more than going on visits.

“It’s time for me to decide what shoes to wear. The decisions I make are not always the best, but I am learning.” —Dumitru, Shared Living service.

Personal Stories

I am a special person

I wanted to apply to college

The exam

I returned the money I owed

The relatives


The fan number 1

The good man

The rain

Social stereotypes

The colleagues

A lesson learned