“We will return!” Keystone Moldova operates a tent at Palanca for refugee mothers and children

  • Mom, can we take this lady with us?
  • Mom, the ladies in this tent are so cool!
  • We will return!
  • My child has not played for about 3 weeks. We were sheltered in the basement and he could not play…

children refugees playing togetherMothers and grandmothers who cross the Palanca customs with their children are exhausted. After many hours of traveling, cold and hunger, they can’t wait to get to a warm shelter and eat something warm. Many do not even have essential things for children or babies.

In March, IsraAID in partnership with Keystone Moldova, have installed a tent for mothers and children near the Palanca customs. The tent is spacious, has many toys, clothes, essentials for babies, etc. The tent is heated and offers a safe playground for children and a moment of respite for parents, who are grateful:

Thank you very much! You sheltered us, played with the children, and gave us essentials and snacks for the children. We are very satisfied. Our children were able to play with other children, to forget a little about the experiences we had.”

children refugees learningAbout 377 mothers and grandparents and 522 children sheltered here in the tent. ”Mothers are satisfied. The children are happy. They don’t want to leave,” – say the employees who provide support in the tent. ”It is important for us that children feel comfortable, so they can forget the experiences they’ve been through.”

The tent works non-stop. Eight people were hired to support mothers and children; they work in shifts. Employees participated in two trainings, facilitated by IsraAID experts, where they learned how to provide psychological first aid, psycho-social assistance in emergency situations, and protection for children at risk.

"We'll be back!" - in Palanca there is a tent for refugee mothers and childrenThe people who offer support say that lately more and more refugees are coming from locations that have been directly involved in the war:

The children are very scared, and the parents are in shock. They startle at the slightest noise. We try to help everyone. If necessary, we involve the psychologists who are here at customs. Various specialists who may be needed are constantly present here – psychologists, doctors, etc.”

Employees say that usually more children come in the morning. They play with their peers while their mothers solve their problems, eat, or search for transport for their next destination.