Host Institution for Volunteers

Host Institution for Volunteers

Keystone Moldova was awarded the status of host institution for volunteer activities in November 2015. Volunteers can provide their services within Community Homes, Supported Living, and the Community Center, as well as support Keystone Moldova staff with activities related to self-advocacy groups, communication campaigns, the Forum Theater, and other activities focused on the social inclusion of people with disabilities.

Volunteering is important to you and those around you!

Become a Volunteer with Keystone Moldova

  1. Fill out the form
  2. We will invite you to an interview to get to know each other better and to establish the activities you want to get involve in;
  3. We will sign a volunteer contract;
  4. Depending on the number of volunteer hours, we will issue the documents confirming the volunteer activity (nominal certificate of volunteering / volunteer’s card).

Volunteer Activities

  • Organize activities in social services for and with people with disabilities
  • Develop video and photo materials, posters, and infographics to promote social inclusion for people with disabilities
  • Support social entrepreneurship activities—design eco bags, help develop and promote social entrepreneurship products, etc.
  • Support activities conducted by Community Center “Unity,” Tudora village, Stefan Voda rayon
  • Maintain
  • Support activities organized by self-advocacy groups from Chisinau, Cantemir, Balti, Glodeni, and Falesti
  • Participate in fundraising and training activities (depending on your areas of expertise)
  • Participate in Forum Theater performances (Note: This is not always available. Performances are organized according to projects. Volunteer recruitment occurs before the performance season.)
  • Support other activities depending on availability and interests

What Is A Volunteer?

Volunteer: a person who uses their skills and free time to help their community, on their own initiative, without being paid for it.

Law no. 121 of 18.06.2010

Voluntary participation in the provision of services, knowledge, or skills or in the provision of activities in the areas of public utility, on one’s own initiative, of the person named volunteer.


  • Choose the activities you want to get involved in
  • Plan and develop activities alongside employees
  • Participate in training courses in a chosen area
  • Receive constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement
  • Be recognized as a member of the team


  • Make new friends
  • Make positive changes within the community
  • Gain new skills, abilities, and experience
  • Have fun
  • Own a nominal certificate of volunteering or volunteer’s card

A nominal certificate of volunteering and volunteer’s card are documents that confirm your volunteer experience and can help you get into college or find employment.


  • Perform proposed tasks in a timely and serious manner
  • Respect the rules and procedures of the organization
  • Announce changes in your schedule in advance
  • Build relationships with other team members and work with them