Strengthening and Disseminating Inclusive Education Model for Preschool Children in Moldova

February 2017 – June 2018

Amount granted:  $ 45 000

Donors:  Open Society Foundations/ Early Childhood Program

Leading organization: Step-by-Step Moldova

Partners: the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of Republic of Moldova; National Centre of Psycho-pedagogical Assistance, Psycho-Pedagogical Assistance Services from 12 territorial administrative units.

Project Goal:  The recognition of the inclusive education model based on a child-centred approach in kindergartens and primary schools, including for ensuring children’s school transition, and an optimal and competent collaboration between the relevant educational services and other community actors based on a shared understanding of quality inclusive education (IE) practices.

Project Objectives:

  • In cooperation with Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of Republic of Moldova, to identify the optimal ways for Psycho-Pedagogical Assistance Services (PPAS) to continuously support the teachers and to develop PPAS competence for providing a meaningful (rather than formal) feedback;
  • To pilot a complex approach to the (ecology of) school transition of all, and particularly children with special educational needs (SEN);
  • To strengthen the capacities of 6 kindergartens for  becoming models in promoting IE practices, responsive to diverse children’s  needs and backgrounds.

Expected results:

  1. Improved capacity of 6 kindergartens to identify, evaluate and to refer the cases to PPASs;
  2. Empowered specialists from 12 PPASs to better support SEN teachers and parents;
  3. Representatives from 12 PPASs better informed about ways of evaluating / reevaluating and supporting children from the autistic spectrum; 
  4. A comprehensive package of cross-sectorial and cross-level interventions to support SEN children inclusion pilot-tested and disseminated nationally;
  5. 6 MCS at the local level, LPAs and other relevant stakeholders will increase their skills in referring children
  6. Video and other materials produced for public sharing
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