Qualitative Social Services for social inclusion of all persons

April – December 2017

Amount granted:  $ 60 015

Donors:  Soros Foundation Moldova

Project Goal:  Social accountability of public authorities in promoting the rights of persons with mental disabilities to live in the community and alternative social services.

Project objectives:

  • Support to public authorities on deinstitutionalization reform;
  • Support to central Government on developing the policies for UNCRPD implementation;
  • Increasing the transparency and responsibility of local public authorities in the process of budgeting social services.

Expected results:

  1. The local authorities are more accountable towards deinstitutionalization and social inclusion of persons with mental disabilities;
  2. The National Program on Deinstitutionalization and Action Plan developed;
  3. The public authorities from 12 districts are using participatory budgeting tools based on results of social community based services.
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