October 2015 – December 2016

Amount granted: $ 116 863

Donors: Soros Foundation Moldova

Partners: Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, LPA from 12 rayons.

Project Goal is to ensure the sustainability of services and reforms started in the field of deinstitutionalization and social inclusion of persons with intellectual disabilities.

Project Objectives:

  • Support the local public authorities (LPA) from 12 rayons in the process of continuing the reform of deinstitutionalization and ensuring the quality of social services developed within the Community for All – Moldova Program;
  • Support to the Government of the Republic of Moldova in development of the National Program on social inclusion of persons with disabilities (2017-2022).


  1. LPA from 12 rayons ensure qualitative services for persons with disabilities;
  2. The social services staff acquire knowledge and professional skills for the provision of individualized assistance to the persons with disabilities;
  3. The social services for persons with disabilities have the necessary financial resources;
  4. LPA from 12 rayons are open for the implementation of the reform of deinstitutionalization of persons with disabilities;
  5. The Government approved the National Program on social inclusion of persons with disabilities;
  6. 20 new local elected officials and civil servants trained;
  7. 100% of services developed with the support of Keystone are accredited;
  8. About 75 social service employees trained on the job training;
  9. 90% of the resources allocated from the district budget to social services are used as intended;
  10. 10 persons are deinstitutionalized with Keystone Moldova support;
  11. About 200 persons participate in the public consultation process of the drafts of the National Program on social inclusion of persons with disabilities.