November 10, 2015 – January 31, 2016

Amount granted: EUR 7 630

Donors: SwissTPH (SDC)

Project Goal: to conduct an in-depth mapping and analysis of the role of various sectors (social services, education, NGOs/CBOs etc.) in health care and health promotion at community level in Moldova, particularly related to NCDs. This exercise provided an overview on the current (or recently past) experience in community health promotion in Moldova, their strengths, they weaknesses, the challenges faced, the good practices. The idea is to have the state-of-the art information on community health promotion, so that the project interventions can draw from the experience.

Results: one report which addressed the themes:

  1. Overview and analysis of the mandate of social services in health
  2. Overview and analysis of NGO/CBO involvement in health.
  3. Overview and analysis of the involvement of the education sector in health
  4. Best practices in community-based health promotion
  5. Best practices of sectorial collaboration (social services or education) with local authorities
  6. Recommendations /considerations for the design of the project interventions in health promotion at community level.