December 2012 – November 2014

Budget: €241,401.00

Keystone Moldova supports the local public authorities to create community-based services for people with disabilities from their regions. Together with these services, our work is focused on creating an inclusive environment in all communities in Moldova.

The project Public-Private Partnership for the Sustainable Development of Locally Governed Disability Services: Supporting Decentralization Reform is funded by the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova (external website). This project aims to promote an inclusive and empowered society through public-private partnerships in five rayons to improve the delivery of services to people with disabilities and the efficient transfer of competencies to local authorities. This project is being implemented in coordination with the Community for All – Moldova Program.

Over 100 children with disabilities and their families will have access to the services of Mobile Teams, which will be established in their rayons. The specialists of the Mobile Teams are trained to provide qualitative services. The main stakeholders for social inclusion from the rayons will be capacitated to develop an inclusive environment where the rights of all people with disabilities are respected. Social theater forums and many other informations sessions will be organized for the education of students in schools. Journalists for the five regions will be trained in the ethics of communication with and about people with disabilities.

All the activities of this project are aimed at supporting the authorities from the rayons Ungheni, Singerei, Falesti, Anenii, Noi, and Dubasari (conflict region in Transnistria) to create best practices on social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities. The best practices and lessons learned will be shared nationally through mass media and the national conference organized at the end of the project. Representatives of local public administrations and NGOs from the whole country will participate in this conference.