2012 – 2014

Budget: $72,321.00

Keystone Moldova supports the deinstitutionalization of children and young adults with mental disabilities and the prevention of all children with intellectual disabilities from entering institutions. Through the Community for All-Moldova Program, Keystone Moldova has supported individuals living in an institution at Orhei to move into the community, and they are now living in various regions in small towns or in the countryside throughout Moldova in supported and shared living arrangements or with biological or foster families. A majority of individuals and their families are living in difficult economic situations and may lack vocational skills and training.

The Micro-enterprise Incubator project is designed to facilitate and enhance the formation and growth of micro-enterprises managed by or employing people with mental disabilities and their families. With funding from the Open Society Foundations/Mental Health Initiative (external website), Keystone Moldova is developing the Incubator in partnership with Winrock Moldova. The project includes training in basic business skills and mentoring for beneficiaries, their families, and support staff from community-based services. The project also includes the facilitation and coordination of technical and vocational skills training through consultants and internships, as well as small-scale grants for start-up investments.