September 1, 2013 - February 28, 2014

Funded by the Open Society Foundations - Health Media Initiative

Through the Media Promotion of the Social Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities project, Keystone Moldova continued its work on increasing the population’s awareness regarding disability issues, on promoting the rights of persons with disabilities, on fighting stigma and discrimination, and on supporting the involvement of people with disabilities in self-advocacy.

This project was focused on addressing the attitudinal barriers in society toward people with disabilities through working with the media (print, radio, TV, and new media) and using personal storytelling.

The goal of the project was to support self-empowerment and societal inclusion for people with disabilities in Moldova.

Through this project, nine people with disabilities have been provided with the opportunity to learn how to advocate for their own rights, share personal stories for advocacy purposes and participate in media activities. As a result, five personal stories have been developed based on the storytelling methodology and disseminated on National TV channel and on the radio. Focusing on improving mainstream news coverage of people with disabilities, an informative session for student journalists at the State University of Moldova, was organized. Sixty students learned about the human rights of people with disabilities and gained ideas and practices that they can adapt and apply in their own work. Also, thanks to the national journalism competition called “We have the same rights. We want equal chances!” organized by Keystone Moldova, media attention to disability significantly increased. Seventy-five media materials with an impact on the situation of persons with disabilities were documented, developed, published, and broadcasted in Moldavian media outlets during the project period.