Date: July 17, 2013

The Public Association "Certitudine" donated EUR 900 for the quail farm started by the young men living in the Hansca Community Home. The micro grant was offered as part of the Rural Youth Social Entrepreneurship Project, funded by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Kiev.

"The Project announced a micro grant contest for five NGOs developing a business," says Angela Graur, trainer at Certitudine. "We chose the Hansca Community Home as a grant recipient because we were impressed by how much these people wanted to develop a business. We went to visit them and were motivated by the excitement show by Mariei Josu [small business coordinator and teaching psychologist at the Community Home] who had gathered a lot of useful information and was talking about quails as if she'd been keeping them all her life, although at that moment, the quails had yet to be bought," she adds.

Maria Josu says Mrs. Graur has helped them before. "Angela visited us and gave us some advice on developing a business plan and other things. For example, she told us we could expand our business because we had enough space for that. We used the grant money to buy a power generator, a humidifier, and a fridge to store eggs. The fridge is already installed, so now we can keep the eggs fresh for a longer time," she adds.

The six young men living in the Community Home in Hansca are excited about keeping quails and helping to care for them.

The NGO "Certitiude" is a youth association registered in Balti and implementing projects to enhance civic engagement, improve productivity, and promote social entrepreneurship for youth.

Hansca Community Home's business is developed within the Small Business Incubator implemented by Keystone Moldova jointly with Winrock Moldova, with financial support from Open Society Foundations/ Mental Health Initiative.

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