Date: July 16, 2013

The Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family has recently approved the Operational Manual of the "Mobile Team" Social service by its Order No. 107 of June 19, 2013.

The Operational Manual was developed with the technical support of Keystone Moldova under the "Public-Private Partnership for the Sustainable Development of Locally Governed Disability Services: Supporting Decentralization Reform" Project, funded by the European Union.

The Operational Manual is a guide containing procedures, work tools and forms of documents aimed at assisting the specialists in the field. This manual is intended for "Mobile Team" staff (head of service, social worker, psychologist, nurse/kinetotherapist etc.), specialists from territorial social assistance structures, community social workers and other relevant specialists.

The overall goal of the Operational Manual is to provide technical support and assistance by explaining the criteria, principles, administrative and operational procedures for service delivery in order to provide quality services in compliance with the Framework Regulation on the Organization and Operation of the "Mobile Team" Social Service and Minimum Quality Standards.

The manual will be distributed to all territorial social assistance structures of the country.

The manual can be viewed at the MLSPF's website:

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