A major event took place - the hallowing of Community Home in Hansca, Ialoveni. Even though it happened on the same day as the Town Day, the Community Home's hallowing was the first event to be held by the Town Hall that day. Among the event guests were employees of Hansca Town Hall, Ialoveni District Council and Keystone Moldova, politicians, journalists and town people.
The six young men - the Community Home dwellers who have been living together for a year now - were meeting guests with flowers handmade by them. Their greatest joy on that day was due to the media attending the event. "We're going to be on TV and our relatives are going to see us!" Andrei, one of the young men, exclaimed. During the ceremony that was conducted by three priests they listened quietly, their eyes wide open, candles in their hands. It was a totally new experience for them.
Community Home is a social service for persons with severe disabilities in need of constant care and support. The six boys were taken from Orhei boarding house for children with mental difficulties.
"The Community Home service is very beneficial to our town - firstly, due to the better conditions that are created for persons with disabilities than in the boarding house, and secondly, due to the image it gives our town both in the country and abroad", says Mrs. Elena Mosnegutu, Mayor of Hansca. "Delegations from other countries - Azerbaijan, the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany and others - came to see how the service was implemented in our country", she added.
The service is developed by Ialoveni District Council, but Hansca Town Hall is taking an active part in the process: it provided the land plot for the house, helps supply it with water and is repairing the part of the road where the Community Home is located - all for free. Moreover, employees of the Town Hall visit the Home on each holiday - Christmas, Easter or the Town Day, bringing gifts to the young men. Currently, the Community Home is sustained by Ialoveni District Council that covers its operational costs.
During the year that has passed since the young men moved into the Community Home, they have achieved great progress: they developed their self-service and communication skills, they learned to keep their household and clean up the house, and some of them had surgeries done to help them walk better. They learned to make jewelry and flowers; some of them became familiar with photography, others helped in cooking. Apart from that, the young men became good friends and enjoy going out for a walk. The thing they liked most of all was visiting the school where they attended the Farewell Bell event and taking trips to picturesque places of the community. The town people know and accept them, and neighborhood children love to spend their time with them.
The Community Home social service was created as a public institution by Ialoveni District council with the help of Keystone Moldova as part of the Community for All - Moldova program. The service development was funded by Open Society Foundation / Mental Health Initiatives and Soros Foundation Moldova. The Community Home operates under its Framework Regulation and the Quality Standards developed by the Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family with the support of Keystone Moldova and approved by the Government in 2010.

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