Date: December 14, 2013

Saturday, December 7, the "Group of People with Intellectual Disabilities, deprived of the right to live in the community" (GPID) met to continue to learn about their rights and obligations. The discussion centered on disability this time. People with intellectual disabilities, GPID members, find it hard to understand and accept that they have a disability, because, in their opinion, if you do not have mobility problems, you are not a wheelchair user, then - You have no disability!

Then, we proceeded to the rights of persons with disabilities and mentioned some of them, focusing on the "Right to health". Thus, GPID members have learned that every person is entitled to specialized health care services, and that every person with disabilities has a right to access medical services available in the community, without being discriminated. Now, when their age is well over 25, GPID members have learnt what one needs to know about health insurance policy, what one does before going to the doctor, how and in what situation one calls the 903 emergency care.

GPID meetings are organized with the purpose of supporting people with intellectual disabilities, who have been deprived of the right to live in the community, to self-determine, self-discover, in order to be subsequently able to become self-advocates.
Self-determination meetings take place within the framework of the project "People with disabilities - actors in preventing and combating discrimination", implemented by Keystone Moldova with the financial support of Soros Foundation-Moldova and the Open Society Foundations/Mental Health Initiatives.

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