Date: December 3, 2013

The 3rd of December 2013 is not just a day with special significance in the calendar for six young people with disabilities, when, traditionally, they are visited by high state officials and public servants or, when they watch broadcasts and reports on television, dedicated to the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. This is the day when their lives change radically and irreversibly, as they say goodbye to the residential institution, where they have lived much of their life and welcome a new life in the community.

The young men were transferred to the social service "Community Home" in Chirca village, Anenii Noi rayon, which was created within the partnership established between the Anenii Noi Rayonal Council and Keystone Moldova. The "Community Home" is a social service for people with severe intellectual disabilities, who require permanent care and support. So, from today on, young people will receive individualized care and assistance, in accordance with the Individual Assistance Plan, in order to develop self-service skills and increase autonomy.

The life experience of young people will expand and enrich considerably. They will be visited by members of the community, will be part of cultural and entertainment activities (excursions, trips to Chisinau), will benefit from rehabilitation programs and individualized physical therapy and, most importantly, will learn to be in charge of the house they will live in.

Up to now, Keystone Moldova, in partnership with local public authorities, has developed three Community Home services in the rayons of Orhei, Soroca and Ialoveni, where 14 children and youngsters with disabilities live.

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