Date: October 25, 2013

It is time for the local public authorities in Moldova to assume responsibilities with regard to the social inclusion of persons with disabilities. A new, recently-published guide comes to help local public authorities (LPAs) to understand the provisions of the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities and to initiate the necessary actions in this context. The Guide, entitled "UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities" has been developed by Keystone Moldova, within the project "UN Convention as a Guarantee of Nondiscrimination of Persons with Disabilities".

The purpose of the Guide is to assist local public authorities, service providers and civil society to understand the obligations imposed by the Convention, which was ratified by our country in July, 2010. The Guide examines both the modalities of implementation of the Convention provisions by the LPAs, and the legal framework implementing the requirements of the Convention at the national level.

The Guide includes specific actions to be taken by LPAs to ensure the right to equality, non-discrimination, accessibility to buildings and access to employment and education of the people with disabilities from their rayon. It also lists the steps that need to be taken to deinstitutionalize people with disabilities, to prevent their institutionalization and to create alternative-to-residential social services, which can be developed at rayonal level. It is important that the Guide also includes examples of best practices that could serve as a benchmark for LPAs. At the same time, the Guide provides information on the correct use of terminology in the field of disability and communication with persons with disabilities.

The Guide for LPAs "UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities" was drawn up and printed in 500 copies and distributed to key actors in the process of social inclusion of people with disabilities from Orhei and Calarasi rayons. It is worth mentioning that, with the support of Keystone Moldova, these rayons have developed Strategies for social inclusion of persons with disabilities, which are implemented at the rayonal level.

The project "UN Convention as a Guarantee of Nondiscrimination of Persons with Disabilities" has been implemented with funds provided by the Equality and Civic Engagement Program of the Soros Foundation-Moldova.

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