Date: October 23, 2013

Ten young men from the village of Bacioi, Chisinau municipality, participate in the second round of the "Internship" Program, launched by the Community Center "VIS" and Romy Alexandra Solomon, volunteer of the Peace Corps in Moldova. Within this program, from October till December, young people have the opportunity to gain experience in the field they wish to develop professionally and, at the same time, to help the community.

The mayoralty, schools, kindergartens, some economic entities and the community medical center were willing to offer the possibility of an internship in the selected institution to the young men, beneficiaries of the "VIS" Center and pupils of the Bacioi Lyceum "Grigore Vieru". Applicants were selected to participate in the Program on the basis of a letter of motivation.

Young people undertake their internship, on the basis of an agreement signed between the organization and the trainee, which stipulates the days and hours of internship. Throughout the internship, they will participate at trainings and seminars organized by Program coordinators once a week. They are aimed at the development of professional capacity: leadership skills, public speaking, flexibility, goal setting, team building. At the end of the "Internship" Program, each youngster must submit the result of his work: a product, a conducted activity or a change/achievement attained in the given institution.

The first round of the "Internship" Program was held during the period February-April of this year and it was attended by 18 students. According to the Director of the Community Center "VIS", Liliana Celcinschi, the most important result of this round was that young people had the opportunity to test their compatibility with the profession they want and their readiness to proceed in the chosen field.

"Last year, two young men chose to carry out their internship at the community medical center. When they finished it, one of them decided that he no longer wanted to become a doctor, while the other began his university studies in medicine. There have been young people, who have undertaken their internship at the mayoralty, library, and have organized interesting important events, and, this year, they have decided to pursue internship in the same institutions, "said Liliana Celcinschi.

The Community Center "VIS" was founded in 2006 by the Keystone Moldova Association and is currently working with its financial support and the support of the local public authorities.

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