Date: September 10, 2013

On August 30, 2013, the Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family (MLSPF) approved the Curriculum and Seminar Material for the training of professionals from the National Employment Agency (NEA) and its territorial structures that were hired to provide support to people with disabilities in their employment.

The documents were drawn up in order to reinforce the capabilities of these specialists through the development of skills and complement of their knowledge, in order to be able to intervene effectively and provide the necessary support to persons with disabilities, who wish to find a job. The NEA will conduct ongoing training of professionals in this area, based on the Curriculum and Seminar Material.

Both of these documents were developed with the technical support of Keystone Moldova, within the framework of the "Community for all - Moldova" Program, with the financial support of the Open Society Foundations/Mental Health Initiatives and Soros-Moldova Foundation.

In September-October, 2013, within the framework of the training program initiated by the NEA, Keystone will conduct initial training on valorization of the social role of people with disabilities for 42 Agency professionals, responsible for the employment of people with disabilities. Earlier, in November 2012, Keystone Moldova held a similar training for the first group of 42 specialists within the NEA.

The order, issued by the MLSPF, the Curriculum and the Seminar Material can be accessed at - "Order 145".

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