Date: August 22, 2013

About 30 parents of children, who are going to the first grade this year, to "Vasile Lupu" Lyceum from Susleni village, Orhei, and teachers from this institution, discussed the school inclusion of children with special educational needs, within the framework of a round table discussion entitled "The right to education of children with disabilities", which took place on Monday, August 19.

The round table is an activity organized within a project implemented by the Susleni Lyceum, which aims to ensure social and educational inclusion of children with special educational needs, by promoting the rights of persons with disabilities.

On September 1, several children with special educational needs will initiate the first grade in Susleni Lyceum. In this context, in a round table discussion, the administration of the Lyceum intended to inform parents about the right to education of children with disabilities, the provisions of the legal framework concerning inclusive education and to raise their awareness about the need to ensure equal access to education for all children. The successes achieved by children with special educational needs in the Lyceum and the support enjoyed by the pupils within the Resource Centre for Inclusive Education from the school served as strong arguments in this regard.

Also, parents, together with teachers, discussed the process of closing boarding schools and integration of children with disabilities in ordinary schools.
"A large number of parents, who attend the round table, make acquaintance for the first time with the principles of inclusive education and have found out that a Resource Centre for Inclusive Education works in the Lyceum," said Ludmila Revenco, project assistant within Keystone Moldova. "As, at the end of the activity, the participants have expressed a positive attitude towards the information they have heard, we hope that, by means of the persons present at the event, the message of inclusion will be further disseminated in the community," she added.

"Vasile Lupu" Lyceum from Susleni is one of the four beneficiaries that obtained a mini-grant worth US $ 1,000, within the project "UN Convention as a Guarantee of Nondiscrimination of Persons with Disabilities", implemented by Keystone Moldova, with the financial support of Soros Foundation-Moldova.

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