Date: August 14, 2013

Keystone Moldova announces today, August 14, the launch of the publication "Inclusive education. Methodological guide for primary and secondary general school". The Guide addresses the educational community and aims to support the efforts of the Moldovan schools in their aspirations to become educational institutions open to all children, and therefore inclusive institutions.

The purpose of this publication is to disseminate, at the national level, the inclusive school model, piloted by Keystone Moldova in 22 schools, as well as the experience of these schools. The methodology for educational inclusion of children with special educational needs was developed by Keystone Moldova and approved by the Ministry of Education in the Order No. 738 of August 15, 2011 "On inclusive education piloting in educational establishments".

The Guide is a call for knowledge, change of attitude, action and a different way of thinking about the mission of the school today: being a school that ensures access to qualitative education for all children in the community, including those with special educational needs.

The pages of the Guide will also provide more or less exhaustive answers to questions concerning the application of the methodology of inclusive education in educational establishments. You will also identify good practice examples/activities in the field of inclusion and professional reflection cases.
The publication is approved and recommended to be applied in schools by the Institute of Education Science.

The Guide is developed within the framework of the Project "Equal Access to Education," from the "Community for All - Moldova" Program, implemented by Keystone Moldova, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, the Educational Program "Step by Step", the local public authorities and is funded by the Open Society Foundations/Early Childhood Program and Open Society Foundations/Mental Health Initiatives. The project duration is 3 years (2010-2013) and its goal is to improve access to quality education for children with special educational needs from 15 pilot-communities. This inclusion model has been extended to other 7 pilot-schools.

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