Date: February 10.2014

"We managed to do things that we never thought we were able to do" - these were the words that concluded a social drama workshop, organized by Keystone Moldova, with the financial support of the European Union. .

Last week, 12 volunteers from Chisinau participated in a creative forum theatre workshop (a method of social theatre), which had as its theme stopping discrimination against persons with disabilities in the school. The purpose of the workshop was the creation of a forum theatre performance to be presented in 10 schools in Singerei, Falesti, Ungheni, Anenii Noi and Dubasari rayons.

Within the framework of the workshop, the participants worked on improvisation, developed their diction, recurred to personal stories to re-create instances of discrimination and learned new performing techniques that are indispensable on the stage. On the last day of the workshop, the team presented the social drama performance in front of the audience, which said that the circumstances on the stage are real and occur in school.

It is important to mention that certain social problems (discrimination against persons with disabilities in this case) are presented in a forum theatre performance and the audience is invited to come up on the stage to solve them. As a result of this experience, when a person with disabilities faces this social problem in reality, he already knows how to approach it. One recalls the words of the founder of social theater, Augusto Boal in this context, who stated: "The social theatre is a repetition of the reality".

The 12 volunteers are (new and old) members of the social theatre troupe "Inspiring people", which has been active for already two years, performing social drama in the schools of the Republic of Moldova. Since February 2012 up to now, there were presented 50 performances, which have changed the attitude of children, parents and teachers with respect to people with disabilities in the school and community.

The creative forum theatre workshop and the performances to be presented are activities organized within the project "Public-Private Partnership for the Sustainable Development of Locally Governed Disability Services: Supporting Decentralization Reform", implemented by Keystone Moldova, with financial support of European Union.

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