Date: January 28, 2014

In December 2013, the first ecoVOX-brand handbags, made from eco-friendly materials, appeared on the shelves of Petrom-Moldova in Chisinau. The handbags are produced by mothers of persons with disabilities and employees of social services, together with people with mental disabilities. The money earned from the sale of handbags will help them lead a more qualitative and decent life.

" We aim to sell handbags in all the stores in the country. We are just waiting for them to be made. Our employees are ready to help, to buy and offer handbags", said Ecaterina Danu, Petrom-Moldova Gastro and Shop Administration Manager. "One has to mention that the handbags are sold at the manufacturer's price, so Petrom-Moldova does not earn any profit from their sale - we just want to support people with disabilities", she also added.

Until recently, the ecoVOX handbags were sold only in exhibitions and fairs. They are made according to a technique used in Mexico that reached Moldova through Turkey. The material used in their creation is recyclable and was designed to resist hundreds of years. The ladies, who produce them, have learned the technique by participating in trainings conducted by experts from Turkey. The unique design of the handbags was created by young designers from Hungary, who took into account the specifics of our country.

EcoVOX handbags are produced within the Micro-enterprise Incubator, created by Keystone Moldova with the financial support of the Open Society Foundations/Mental Health Initiatives.

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