Keystone Moldova was awarded the status of host institution for volunteer activities in November 2015. Volunteers can provide their services within Community Homes, Supported Livings, Community Center, as well as can support Keystone Moldova staff with the implementation of activities related to self-advocacy groups, communication campaigns, Forum Theater, other activities focused on social inclusion of persons with disabilities as per the needs etc.

Activities involving volunteers

  • Socializing persons with disabilities and vulnerable children from the Community Center (visits to the theater, community, walks, attending the church, organizing discussions);
  • Improving the fine motor skills of young people in services through the hand-made works (paper baskets, souvenirs, postcards etc.);
  • Improving self-serving skills of persons with disabilities (personal hygiene: hand washing, tooth washing, bedding);
  • Improving household managing skills of persons with disabilities (preparing food, grooming, raising and caring for pets, gardening etc.);
  • Organizing sales exhibitions;
  • Organizing preparatory activities for certain holidays (Valentine's Day, Marriage, March 8, New Year, Christmas) and events;
  • Training persons with disabilities in IT and using gadgets;
  • Helping elderly persons from community in gardening;
  • Assistance in obtaining documents;
  • Support person in summer camps / schools.