Mediating the access of people with disabilities to the labor market

“We should continue to work on establishing a dialogue with people with disabilities and employers. We need to encourage persons with disabilities, to realize that they can work; we also need to motivate employers to hire people with disabilities.”
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Guides for employers from Romania and Republic of Moldova

Keystone Moldova, in partnership with “Close to You” Romania Foundation, has implemented a cross-border project to develop specific skills and knowledge around providing career guidance for people with disability. The project also aims to give young people with disabilities from both banks of the Prut River better access to the labor market.
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Minimum quality standards for the career guidance services provided by the National Employment Agency in Moldova

Keystone Moldova provided technical support for the elaboration of minimum quality standards for the career guidance services provided by the National Employment Agency in Moldova. The career guidance services will offer support for people with disabilities in our country to be included in the work force.
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Parents of people with disabilities from Republic

Parents of people with disabilities from Republic of Moldova and Iași County, România, are more informed about career guidance and assisted employment

”I now understand that it is POSSIBLE! Our children can be employed in the future, only they need to be properly guided. It is important that they would not be isolated!” Keystone Moldova and “Close to You” Romania Foundation have organized three informative workshop on the role of parents in providing career guidance for people...
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people with disabilities from the Republic of Moldova and Romania

Mediating access to the labor market for people with disabilities from the Republic of Moldova and Romania

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (art. 27) recognizes that all people with disabilities must have the opportunity to work in a freely chosen occupation in an inclusive, accessible work environment where they can implement and develop their qualifications and skills, as well as their creative and productive potential, and earn...
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With the support of European Union, 2200 persons with disabilities and staff from 6 residential institutions became better protected against COVID-19 pandemic

Keystone Moldova with the financial support of European Union implemented a seven months project focused on improving safeguarding environment for persons with intellectual and psiho-social disabilities and staff from residential institutions for better protection against COVID-19. The total cost of the project was 60,000 EUR.
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More Than Half of People with Disabilities Say Their Families Are Economically and Socially Affected By the COVID-19 Pandemic

Almost 50% of people with disabilities say they have not had access to information about the pandemic, and 51% say they have felt much more nervous during this period. At the same time, the economic crisis, the loss of income, quarantine, the medical system that may not be able to cope with the demands and...
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Keystone Moldova volunteers promote cultural activities for better social inclusion

Collaboration, change of experiences, involvement, cooperation, friendship, positive emotions - Keystone Moldova volunteers used those words when asked what they liked most at the summer school.
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Keystone Moldova received the 2016 UN Human Rights Award

"We have worked 12 years toward this award, together with our partners - local public administrations from 12 regions of Moldova. This award represents all the successes we have achieved together - parents of children with disability, children, school teachers, local public administrations, Keystone Moldova team and donor organizations that supported our work toward social...
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Two new social services launched in Anenii Noi

Home residents receive specialized care from a support team that helps them gain more independence and develop their own potential. The services offered are provided according to the individual needs of each person and focus, to a great extent, on providing quality care and learning basic life skills, such as: the ability to eat without...
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