• Shared Living Service

    Shared Living serves adults with mental disabilities.

  • I like to live in the family

    “Disability does not make me sadder than others. I have the same sorrows and joys like you!”

  • At home is better than at the institution!

    “I have a disability, but I love life. Don’t admire me, respect me!”

  • I Have a Family

    Mihai has spent more than 20 years in residential institutions. Now he has a family, neighbors, and a community.

  • Learning to be Independent

    Mariana Rotari treats her son Andrei as a healthy child. She doesn't see any difference.

  • I Want All Boys at the Institution to Live with a Family

    Fiodor spent 19 years in the boarding house for children (boys) with mental disabilities in Orhei. Now he lives with a family.

  • Happy to have a family

    Sergiu has lived in a residential institution. He doesn't like to remember about that time. Now he lives in Foster Service.

  • Returning home

    “We are also people. We are not different from others”, says Stas, who lived some years in an institution, away form his family.

  • Mobile Team

    Mobile Team is a social service for persons with disabilities. This film was developed within the Project „Public-Private Partnership for the Sustainable Development of Locally Governed Disability Services: Supporting Decentralization Reform", implemented by Keystone Moldova, with the support of the European Union

  • I want a better life for my children

    This video is about Donos family with a child with mental disability which started a business idea in order to generate sustainable income for themselves.