Success Stories

Alexandru’s Story: Happy That He Lives With His Mother and Father
Today, the last class bell rang for Alexandru. As for all his peers, the official vacation began for him as well. A year ago, very few people truly believe that this boy, who had returned to his family after four years spent in the boarding house for children with mental disabilities in Orhei, would be able to reintegrate into a school of general education and keep pace with other children. But Alexandru succeeded. Read more
Andrei’s Story: Home Is a Place Where Andrei Learned to Smile
Sitting close to his cousin, who is also his best colleague that he plays with and his main support, Andrei looks curiously into the book with the colorful drawings, which is lying on their knees. Together, they learn new and interesting things. Read more
Andrei’s Story: Most of All, I Like Living Next to my Friends!
The road to Calarasi proved to be quite arduous. We got there frozen and tired. When we entered the house, a pleasant smell of hot food lured us into the kitchen. There, we found Andrei preparing the dinner with Mrs. Zina. After a delicious dinner and a hot tea, we all sat in the sitting room to reel another success story. Read more
Ion’s Story: Building His Own Home After Spending 17 Years at the Orhei Institution
“This is where the kitchen will be, and the corridor; over here I’m going to put a TV, a bed, a wardrobe, a couch where I will rest, and this here will be the bathroom,” Ion shows us with pride. After spending almost 17 years at the Home for Children (boys) with Mental Disabilities in Orhei, Ion has returned to his home village with the help of his relatives. And now, also with their help as well as that of the Community for All-Moldova Program, he is building himself a house. Read more
Ion’s Story: Home Is the Best Place to Be
“In the morning, as I wake up, I look around the house to see the things I have to do today. I like working with father Slavic. If there is anything I cannot do, he helps me,” says Ion, looking for Mr. Veaceslav. Ion is one of the persons who benefit from the Shared Living service, developed by Keystone Moldova, in partnership with the Social Assistance and Family Protection Department, within Community for All – Moldova Project. Read more
Victor’s Story: I Want to Find a Job
Victor is 29 years old and he has lived 23 of them in the Orhei Residential Institution for Children (boys) with Mental Disabilities. At present, Victor lives in the Community Home from Chirca village, Anenii Noi rayon, a social service developed by the Rayonal Council, with Keystone Moldova support. Read more
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