Keystone Moldova encourages and supports the labor inclusion of persons with disabilities through the following activities:

  • Promotion of labor inclusion of persons with disabilities;
  • Identification and matching of jobs for de-institutionalized persons;
  • Preparing the environment for the employment of persons with disabilities;
  • Preparing and supporting persons with disabilities during the probation period;
  • Supporting persons with disabilities in identifying and developing small income generating activities (identifying the type of business and the donor, developing the business plan, organizing the business, etc.);
  • Involvement of persons with disabilities in small revenue generating activities developed by Eco-Vox (external website) (production of recyclable bags, material bags etc.).

Keystone Moldova promotes social entrepreneurship and is engaged in the development of social entrepreneurship policies. In this context, Keystone Moldova initiated a small business - Keystone Moldova Training Center (external website). The financial sources collected through the renting of Training Center are used for the sustainable maintenance of Community Homes and Supported Living Services developed with the support of Keystone Moldova.