Shared Living

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Shared Living serves adults with mental disabilities. A family welcomes an adult with disabilities into their home and treats him or her like a member of the family.

Shared Living offers a person with a disability the experience of living in a family environment where the person not only receives assistance in acquiring abilities and skills, but also learns how to be a member of a family.

Shared Living provides services primarily aimed at increasing the adult’s independence by teaching him or her the housekeeping skills necessary for leading an independent life in the community. Because the service is provided for a limited amount of time, the host family is encouraged to support the adult’s relationship with his or her biological family.

The Shared Living Assistant is trained and approved by a rayonal committee for adult persons in difficult situations, which recommends placement for each person and approves the service provider. Anyone who has not reached pensioning age and has no criminal record or viral diseases can become a Shared Living Assistant.

The Community for All-Moldova Program has developed Shared Living services in the districts of Telenesti, Basarabeasca and Ungheni.

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