Personal Assistance

Personal Assistance is a service for individuals ages three and older who have severe disabilities and find it difficult to perform everyday tasks and activities without support. A personal assistant offers services such as transportation, guidance, personal care (such as feeding and hygiene), housekeeping, and assistance moving inside and outside the house to access community-based services.

Personal Assistance is provided in a natural environment for each person, such as at home, at school, at work, or in the community. The number of hours a person needs depends on his or her needs and is determined by a multidisciplinary committee.

A personal assistant can support an individual for up to 40 hours each week. However, a person can receive support from several personal assistants at the same time.

Any person can become a personal assistant, including members of an individual’s biological family between 18 years old and pensioning age whose physical and mental health allows them to provide services.

Individuals can access Personal Assistance by applying to the community social assistant or directly to the district Social Assistance and Family Protection Department.

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