Labor Inclusion

Labor Inclusion is designed to facilitate the development and growth of microenterprises that are managed by or employ people with disabilities and their families. The long-term goal is to implement business ideas that generate sustainable income for people with disabilities.

When individuals move out of the residential institutions and join the community, they often receive community-based services. These services are partially supported by the local authorities, but additional funding is necessary for individuals to truly lead a meaningful life. Individuals with disabilities have many abilities that can be applied to income-generating activities. The additional income also helps parents care for their children in instances where the parents have no employment or unreliable income.

In this order, with funding from the Open Society Foundations/Mental Health Initiative, Keystone Moldova is developing the Micro-enterprise Incubator in partnership with Winrock Moldova. The Micro-enterprise Incubator is designed to facilitate and enhance the formation and growth of micro-enterprises managed by or employing people with mental disabilities and their families. The project includes training in basic business skills and mentoring for beneficiaries, their families, and support staff from community-based services. The project also includes the facilitation and coordination of technical and vocational skills training through consultants and internships, as well as small-scale grants for start-up investments. 

Currently, with the support of Keystone Moldova five small business plans are being implemented - a greenhouse for strawberries, a greenhouse for tomatoes, a mini-farm of rabbits, a mini farm of quails, and an automobile repair shop.

Another way to support the beneficiaries and their families is producing and selling handbags. They are trained to manufacture handbags from recycled materials.

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