Inclusive Education

Keystone Moldova is working to provide equal access to education for all children. Children with disabilities are being supported to join their peers in local community schools and learn in the same classrooms. Keystone Moldova is supporting inclusive education through the following activities:

  • Promoting inclusive education at the national and local level
  • Supporting the district directions of education and administrations of schools to implement the methodology of inclusive education
  • Strengthening the capacities of school administrations, teachers, support teachers, and multidisciplinary teams in the assessment of children’s educational needs, development and implementation of Individual Education Plans, adaption of curricula for children’s needs, and assessment of the level of knowledge
  • Supporting school administrations to develop inclusive school environments for children with special educational needs, especially children with disabilities
  • Supporting school administrations to develop the Resource Center for Inclusive Education
  • Developing and implementing efficient communication strategies to change discriminatory attitudes and behaviors regarding persons with disabilities at both the school and community levels.

Keystone Moldova supports the implementation of inclusive education in 22 schools from 15 rayons. In partnership with the local public administrations and school administrations, Keystone Moldova developed a network of 15 Resource Centers for Inclusive Education, and 490 children have benefitted from services delivered within those centers (183 children with special educational needs and 307 peers).

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