Family Support Services

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Family Support Services are designed to support children and young people with disabilities who have been institutionalized or who are at risk of institutionalization. The service was developed through the Community for All-Moldova Program, and the team offers a variety of assistance services, including psychological counseling to families, especially concerning a family’s progress and its impact on the child’s behavior; social, medical, and legal assistance; and behavioral support; as well as support in school and employment inclusion of the person with disabilities and his or her family members.

Because parents often choose to place their children in residential institutions because of their financial situation, an inability to ensure adequate living conditions for their child, and improper care, the Community for All-Moldova team can provide families that decided to deinstitutionalize their children or to keep children in the families with some material aid. This material aid usually includes support for the arrangement of personal space for the child (such as the procurement of a bed, desk, wardrobe, and computer), support for the reconstruction of sanitary spaces (such as the toilet and bathroom), procurement of clothes and shoes for children, and procurement of books, developmental games, and other components that can contribute to improving children's development and their quality of life.

The Community for All-Moldova Program has supported 43 children and young people from the Home for Boys with Disabilities in Orhei to reintegrate into their biological families and 47 other children to avoid placement in the institution.

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