Community Homes

Woman and child smile for the camera

Community Homes is a social service for persons with severe mental disabilities. This service provides individuals with disabilities the opportunity to live in a typical home in the community, where they receive specialized care.

Services provided in Community Homes depend on individual needs. They focus on providing efficient care and elementary life skills, such as holding a spoon, movement within a space, or personal hygiene.

Staff at Community Homes include the service coordinator, attendants, a cook, and in some instances, an educator.

Community Homes was created within the Community for All-Moldova Program and were developed in partnership with local public authorities to host children and young people as they moved out of the Home for Boys with Disabilities in Orhei.

The Community for All-Moldova Program has developed three Community Homes in the districts of Orhei (Community Home of Mitoc), Soroca (Community Home of Voloave), and Ialoveni (Community Home of Hansca). These homes support fourteen children and young people who have moved out of the Home for Boys with Disabilities in Orhei.

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