Communication and Advocacy

In the process of changing society’s discriminatory attitude toward persons with disabilities and creating a socially inclusive environment, Keystone Moldova places special focus on working with the media.

In this context, Keystone Moldova, in partnership with the other nongovernmental organizations of the Joint Media Strategy Group, developed a media strategy with the scope to increase the level of knowledge and acceptance of persons with intellectual disabilities in the community and finally to reduce the discrimination and the stigmatization of  persons with disabilities.

Two national media campaigns were implemented on the basis of the media strategy. The campaigns included:

  • Radio and television programs
  • Press publications
  • Videos, photos, and stories about people who have left residential institutions and returned to their families and communities
  • Direct information and activities to raise awareness, such as social theater and trainings
  • Self advocacy by persons with disabilities and their parents
  • Distribution of information and educational and support materials

Additionally, persons with disabilities and their families have been involved in training activities dedicated to developing their self-documentation skills and teaching them to create media materials, handle photo and video equipment, tell their stories, participate in radio and television programs, and get involved in self-representation and advocacy activities.

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