Capacity Building

The Training Department strengthens and builds the capacities of community members, service providers, persons with disabilities, their parents, and the Keystone Moldova team according to their training needs to ensure the social inclusion of persons with disabilities.

Community Members

Training for community members is designed to develop their capacities in protecting the rights of persons with disabilities and raising public awareness of the need for social inclusion. Community members may include representatives of public authorities, social workers, schools, kindergartens, NGOs, and other stakeholders at the community level.

Community-Based Services Staff

Keystone Moldova’s employees who work in the community-based services receive ongoing training to provide quality services for persons with disabilities. Regular training familiarizes employees with specific issues about disability services and raises employees’ awareness of the purpose, objectives, and operational principles of each service, types of assistance and quality standards, staff qualification requirements, and eligibility requirements for individuals with disabilities. In addition, employees learn to apply individual assistance tools to support persons with disabilities. Community-based services staff may include the staff of Mobile Teams, Supported Living, Community Homes, Foster Service, Shared Living, Personal Assistance, and Respite Services.

Parents and Persons with Disabilities

This training is especially designed for parents and persons with disabilities who have benefitted from deinstitutionalization programs or institutionalization prevention. Parents are supported to form positive views of their children and to value them. Trainings also assist children with disabilities and their parents to acquire independent life skills to prevent institutionalization or to facilitate the deinstitutionalization of persons with disabilities. Not only is the parent-child relationship strengthened, but parents learn how to care for and provide education for their children. Parents also learn about the rights of children with disabilities and their medical, psychological, and social needs.  Furthermore, persons with disabilities develop self determination and the skills they need to represent themselves.

Community for All-Moldova Program Staff

The Community for All-Moldova Program team receives ongoing training to enhance their professionalism and ensure the development of quality services. The team develops special competencies in the fields of disabilities and social inclusion, as well as inclusive education. The training also builds the team’s capacity in behavioral interventions, Social Role Valorization, and the creation of community-based services.

Support in building the capacities of the Keystone Moldova team comes from Keystone Human Services in the United States. From the start of the Community for All-Moldova Program, KHS in the United States has provided trainings, distance counseling, and study visits.

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