Social Entrepreneurship Eco Vox

Eco Vox is a social entrepreneurship activity involving people from disadvantaged groups, including persons  with intellectual disabilities. The main goal of this activity is to support persons to get a job and receive some income to overcome crisis situations.

Eco Vox was created in 2012 by Keystone Moldova with the financial support of OSF / MHI and East European Foundation. Products include handbags, pen holders, purses, greeting cards for different occasions, and many other things. The   Eco Vox products are unique and durable. They are handmade from organic materials and actually represent the voice of disadvantaged people that want to live a life with dignity. Learn more about Eco Vox on the website and Facebook Page.

People seated at a table working on projects while one person at the table receives personal instruction

Workshop for learning new technologies

Shoppers look at products on display in a park

Selling the products in the park

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