Community-Based Supports to Children and Families in Difficult Social Situations

July 2006 through December 2008

Budget: $ 109,800.00

Description: European Commission logo

The Unitate (Unity) Community Center from Tudora Village is just one of Keystone Moldova’s Children and Family Centers where individuals and the community are united in strong, nurturing relationships. Our Community-Based Supports to Children and Families in Difficult Social Situations project, funded by the European Commission’s Technical Aid to the Commonwealth of Independent States, expanded the services and supports at Unitate and established the Vis (Dream) Children and Family Center in Bacioi.

The staff of the two community centers, along with specialists from other organizations working in the field of social protection of children and families, received training and education to build their capacity to provide services.

Our dream for the Children and Family Centers is for them to continue to be a place in the community where children and families can find the resources they need to grow and live rich, fulfilling lives. Unitate and Vis are based on our successful Head Start program, which involves the entire family in providing services and supports for their children. The Children and Family Centers offer a variety of services to address the psychological, educational and health needs of children and families, including psychological and physical rehabilitation, parent effectiveness training and support, health assessments, targeted support for children and families with disabilities, daycare facilities and respite care for working parents, home visits for rural areas, and family and youth clubs.

Unitate and Vis are realizations of our vision to advance the human spirit of all people, offering children and families hope for a better future and helping them join society as valued, contributing members. We know our mission is being fulfilled when we see families growing stronger and children who may have been marginalized for disabilities or at risk behaviors gaining greater acceptance in the community.

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