Date: November 29, 203

Today, there is a double celebration in the village of Tudora, Stefan Voda rayon - the Resource Centre for Inclusive Education is launched at the village gymnasium and the Community Center "Unitate" celebrates 10 years of activity.

The Resource Centre for Inclusive Education (RCIE) was created by Keystone Moldova, in partnership with the Rayonal Directorate for Education, local public authorities and the administration of Tudora Gymnasium, within the framework of the project "Equal access to education". It is a service within the Community Center "Unitate" for children and adolescents and was created to facilitate access to education and school inclusion of children with special educational needs (persons with average and light mental or physical disabilities) in traditional learning environments. To this end, RCIE offers support to teachers, pupils and parents for the promotion and implementation of inclusive education.

Stefan Voda Rayonal Council contributed 75 thousand lei, Tudora local council - 10 thousand lei and Keystone - 60 thousand lei to the repair and organization of space for the Centre. Beneficiaries' parents have also contributed with some work and additional materials. At the same time, the Center was equipped with furniture and teaching materials, and the staff has been trained in the field of inclusive education, with the financial support of the project "Equal access to education".

A multidisciplinary team works within the RCIE: school principal, deputy head for training, deputy head for education, medical assistant, psychologist and social assistant. In order to facilitate the process of training of children with special educational needs, the team develops individual educational plans for each child, which are then implemented by the class teachers, with the support of other specialists.
Tudora RCIE started its activity in November, 2011 and, today, it provides support to 33 children, 9 of which have special educational needs.

Keystone Moldova has created more 14 Resource Centers for Inclusive Education within the project "Equal access to education". They work within inclusive pilot-schools and have been created in partnership with local public authorities and rayonal directorates for education.

The Community Center "Unitate" provides assistance and support to children at risk and their families. The goal of the Center is to ensure the educational and social integration of these children, to support them financially and prevent their institutionalization, abandonment or abuse. Currently, it provides support for 42 children and young people from Tudora, aged between 8 and 16 years old.

Keystone Moldova established the Community Center "Unitate" in 2004. In 10 years, the Center has accumulated much experience in order to support children from socially vulnerable families. To date, about 180 children and 36 families benefited from the services provided by the Center.

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